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  28-Jan-08, 10:39   #1

Joined: Aug '07
Location: Malta
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 8157
Here's some rules you need to know before you start posting in our forum. The rules are accepted whenever you make a new thread/post, so don't go "but I didn't know!"-if it turns out you violate any of our rules Smile

#1: NO posting about any kind of "for-profit" site that you are affiliated with, or other sites that are in any way competeting against BankrollMob (for instance by offering poker/casino bonuses). Also any links to pyramid schemes, illegal/warez sites etc. are not allowed.

#2: NO posts containing offensive text/pictures in any way, including pornographic pictures, racism-related, abusive actions etc. Also, please respect copyright when posting text/uploading pictures.

#3: NO spamming in the forum!! People who writes alot of " Smile" or "Nice!"-posts, etc., just to get MobPoints, WILL have their posts deleted and points removed. Excessive spamming will have your Mob account closed down and all your pending bonus requests rejected! This goes for Polls as well, don't create polls just to earn the polls, only create if they have a purpose.

#4: NO flaming or trolling!! Including (but not limited to) talking trash about our members or calling bad names etc. Again, posts/points will be removed and/or Mob account banned! This also applies to our partners, if you don't like their site, explain it in a decent way without using bad words.

#5: At this time, we do not allow users to post their e-mail addresses or other form of contact information for communication outside the BankrollMob Forum. We have had bad experiences allowing this in the past, which is why we do not allow it for the time being.

#6 Forum language: Please try to keep it english, otherwise we cannot moderate the forum properly. Threads/post in other languages will be removed or locked.

#7 No begging for money / staking requests in the forum. We do not want any threads asking/begging for money, not even if you intend on paying it back or even double the pay back. If you need money on a pokersite, request a no deposit bonus or deposit with your own funds.

#8 No copyright material to be posted without permission from the author.

#9 Usernames must not be commercial. While we don't mind if you have a Mob account in the name of your own poker/casino related website, we don't want those usernames in the forum. Your username will be changed if you start posting in the forum under a username that implies you have a website by that name (which is offering poker/casino etc. bonuses). If you're in doubt, feel free to contact us (click on the "support" menu).

#10 No money exchanges/loans/scams. We have always advised against this as it's a big risk for both parties involved. In light of recent episodes in the forum during November 2011, where several of our members seems to have been scammed one way or another, we have decided to make it a rule that we do not allow threads/posts in the forum regarding money exchanges/transactions betweens members.


Violation of the rules will trigger a ban of your Mob account, that can last anywhere from 1 day to forever, depending on the violation etc.

We especially do not like people trying to refer our users for their own benefit.


Bottom line, behave and don't act stupid! Also, we resereve the right to update/change our rules (and this thread) whenever it might be necessary.

The general terms & conditions for using BankrollMob.com, can be found here:

Happy posting! Thumbs Up

Edited by Administrator (23 March 2013 @ 13:07 GMT)

BankrollMob Forum » BankrollMob.com » FORUM RULES - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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