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Mike Postle Accused of Avoiding Legal Summons in Live Poker Cheating Case

Tags: Mike Postle, poker cheating, poker fraud.
Posted on 13 January 2020 by "T".

Mike Postle seems to be avoiding the legal summons in his alleged cheating case that happened at the Stones livestreamed cash games back in October last year.

  • On January 3, 2020, plaintiffs' counsel attempted to serve Postle in person at his home, however, he refused to open the door despite being spotted.
  • It has been reported that the process server tried but failed to serve court summons on five separate days.
  • A formal supplemental filing has been submitted, accusing Postle of intentional avoidance of legal service.

Accused poker cheat Mike Postle now adds a new addition to his case - he has also been accused of avoiding formal legal service in a lawsuit filed by almost 100 defendants. The case accuses Postle of cheating during many streamed "Stones Live" cash-game podcasts aired back in 2018 and 2019.

According to a report, it took a process server five separate days in December 2019 trying to serve Postle with legal documents that aim to inform him of the impending civil lawsuit set against him, and he still wasn't able to hand him the paperwork despite all that effort.

Mac VerStandig, attorney for the plaintiffs, has decided that he himself will try to serve Postle the documents. He went to Postle's house in California, spent several minutes ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door, but got no response. Instead of leaving, VerStandig surveilled the area and he spotted Postle inside, but he still wasn't able to serve the paperwork. VerStandig reported too that he tried to reach Postle via his criminal defense attorney, but that too did not produce any results.

While Postle is shutting everyone out, that will not work for long considering there is a pending legal case filed against him. Expect some new updates on Mike Postle and his cheating case anytime this this year.



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3 comments for "Mike Postle Accused of Avoiding Legal Summons in Live Poker Cheating Case"

 dule-vu13/01/2020 11:45:34 GMT
well as we see this will be long process!just wonder how long he will escape to take this paper and not go on court!if he have good friend who will take him,he can do this for years!but ofcourse he will have big problems,because he took lot of money from people!
 CALICUL13/01/2020 13:05:46 GMT
2020 may be a bad year for Mike Postle because he can go to prison, if he does not accept those notifications or other things. He really is out of character here. When you know you've cheated and you got caught, at least you must to try to cooperate with the legal service.
 bowie198414/01/2020 22:27:11 GMT
Haha, this guy beats not just the live poker circuit but the judiciary system as well. Truly the hero of the people - for those who are usually up to no good - whether he was cheating or not. I like it. This whole story screams for a movie adaptation already.

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