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Fair Poker Review & Bonus Details

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Fair Poker free $5 Free no deposit bonus

$5 Free FREE bonus

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Fair Pokerreview overviewOverview
Fair Poker (https://fair.poker/) is an online poker room that has been launched in May 2019 and based in Costa Rica. This particular online poker site only accepts the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
By providing excellent no-download poker software, instant and fast payouts, strong security measures, fair gaming, exciting tournaments in the works and incredible player bonuses and promos via their Telegram group, Fair Poker is indeed a promising poker site that every Bitcoin poker player will certainly enjoy!

Fair Poker is the world’s first “Provably Fair Bitcoin Texas Hold’em” poker room, where you can “experience the world’s first trustless poker game.” It is a fast and efficient game of mental poker that runs directly in your browser. According to them, “Poker is not fun when poker is not fair. Traditional poker sites have the power to deal whatever cards they want to players, see face down cards and manipulate the game. If they can cheat, they will cheat. They want you to trust them. But trust has no place in the decentralized future.”

In a provably fair poker game, you yourself can verify that the game was fair during the entire round – you know for sure that no one can manipulate the dealing of the cards and no one can see your cards except yourself. Since it is the player who encrypts the cards by themselves, on the client side, and then only send to Fair Poker the ciphertexts - for sure that even the poker site itself cannot see your cards.

Fair Poker is regarded as an all-new yet exciting Bitcoin-only online poker site to play at. They allow US players to play at their site and they provide a whole new exciting gaming experience. Withdrawals are processed in 24 hours, most of them instant. Also, as a decentralized poker game, players will not be charged for deposits or withdrawals. Furthermore, having a single chip (BTC) makes the site liquidity much better than having multiple chips. Liquidity is needed to maintain a good game experience.

Fair Poker accepts US players. 
Fair Poker software reviewSoftware
Fair Poker is fully owned by CyberPunk Future, Ltda and is located at: Costa Rica, San José, Sabana Oeste, calle noventa, entre la avenida doce y calle Holanda, edificio blanco de dos plantas a mano izquierda.

Fair Poker utilizes proprietary poker software to run their online poker games. In order to create the world’s first provably fair poker room, they developed their brand new software from scratch. The site uses the Lightning Network, a “Layer 2” payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which enables fast transactions between participating nodes.

How the game works at Fair Poker is that (1) you shuffle the deck. No one can manipulate the cards. Each player shuffles the deck of cards on his computer. This ensures that no one - not even Fair Poker - can see your cards or manipulate the dealing of the cards. (2) You encrypt your cards. No one can see your face down cards. After a player shuffles, he encrypts every card. (3) You reveal your cards. Only you know your face down cards (their server doesn't). On the showdown, you choose whether to reveal your cards or not.

The software makes the website very user-friendly, and their graphics are neatly designed as well as very pleasing to the eyes.

The graphics and design of Fair Poker is somewhat between retro and futuristic, which is mostly composed of black, red, green and white shades. Some players might find their landing page rather too minimalistic but still it looks very organized and not overly cluttered.

Once you have set up your Bitcoin account, registering and playing at Fair Poker is simple and pretty much straightforward. User registration is automatic and no ID check is needed to run an account. The user interface is very user-friendly and instinctive with modern info layout design, making it easy even for the beginners to navigate and register smoothly.

When you launch the Fair Poker software upon logging in, you will be taken to your Account where you will see your Wallet, Game Stats, and Deposit or Withdraw Bitcoin options. When you click the Play button you will be taken directly to the Lobby where you will find their entire Texas Hold’em tables that you can select by table type (2, 6, or 9 handed), number of blinds, stakes, players, minimum and maximum buy-in amount, and game speed. You can also access at the games Lobby your Profile and update your password. Unlike other poker rooms, they seem to have no features like avatars, table themes, or tile or cascade tables. Most likely they may add these in the future.

Fair Poker’s software supports online poker games in a no-download, instant-play version only. Their available language is English. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the only currency they accept on the site. 
Fair PokertrafficreviewTraffic
Since Fair Poker is a relatively new online poker site, information on player traffic is not available for now. More detailed information will be available soon.
Fair PokeropponentsreviewOpponents
Fair Poker has very soft competition. As the site was just recently launched and is in its early stages, it is understandable that it has a few registered players during peak hours as compared to other bigger poker sites, but on the other hand, this means that if you have fewer opponents to defeat then you make more money in the tournaments.
Fair PokerTournamentsreviewTournaments
According to a Fair Poker representative, they have not finished the development of tournament mode software. For now, they only support No-Limit Hold'em cash games.
Fair Poker cashgames reviewCashgames
Fair Poker mainly focuses on the cash game Texas Hold’Em.
Fair PokerreviewBonuses/Loyalty
Fair Poker may roll out special promotions for both new and existing players. Always check their site to view all the promos or bonuses they currently offer.

While they don’t readily have a deposit bonus offer on the site, they have rake-back incentives, free play bonuses, freeroll tournaments, tournament tickets, or prizes, vacations, or other non-monetary rewards.

Join Fair Poker’s telegram group to get a welcome bonus: https://t.me/fairpoker
No Deposit Bonus – The no deposit bonus must be claimed through Fair Poker's official Telegram group (https://t.me/fairpoker) by sending a message with the account's username. The no deposit bonus must be claimed no later than 14 days after registration. If the bonus is claimed but the user's account remains inactive (the user has not been dealt cards at least once) for more than 28 days after the bonus has arrived in the user's account then Fair Poker has the right to cancel and terminate any remaining portion of the no deposit bonus in the user's account if there is such. Users who have received a no deposit bonus will be unable to withdraw funds from their account until they have generated two times the bonus value in rake. Further, users who have received a no deposit bonus are not allowed to sit in games with limits higher than 1/2 bits until they generate the bonus value in rake or make a deposit greater than the bonus amount.
Check out their website for more details. 
Fair Poker transactions reviewTransactions
The following can be used for deposit: Bitcoin
The following can be used for withdrawal: Bitcoin 
Fair Poker support reviewSupport
Fair Poker offers friendly, polite, quick and excellent 24/7 customer service support which can be reached via email, their official Telegram group, or via Twitter.

Their website shows a rather minimalistic layout, so clicking the part “How It Works?” will give you a general (https://fair.poker/details) and a technical (https://fair.poker/tech) overview of Fair Poker’s provably fair poker algorithm.

You can email Fair Poker’s customer support team at [email protected]
You can also contact them via their official Telegram Group: fair.poker (https://t.me/fairpoker).
While they don’t have a live chat service, you can try getting some help in their official Telegram Group or their social media account via Twitter. 


User Reviews

Average rating based on 4 user reviews:
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bowie1984 19 November 2019
Fair Poker is a brand new online gambling outlet focusing on players who are into cryptocurrencies while making sure that the 'fairness' of the game is upheld to the highest standards.
Custom encryption and shuffle client-side protocols plus security table deposits are in place to make sure nothing and nobody from outside neither manipulates nor disrupts your game in any way or form.
No dedicated software means it's easier to access because the only thing you would need is your browser.
They are offering a complete affiliate program which can be worth up to 70% in rakeback depending on the upside of the game habits from your previous referrals plus BRM also has a no-deposit-bonus deal already in place with the site.
Traffic has plenty upside here but right now it is far from ideal - what this means that certain wagering thresholds from the aforementioned NDB will be hard to push through on certain weeks. A new platform will always attract new players so this one might be just the question of when.
Tournies are awol right now and the cash games has neither the variety nor the volume to make up for it to be honest. This platform could have a nice future but as of now it is far from a desirable place to spend money at.
schinkentoni 26 October 2019
Time for something new, so when Bankrollmob offered me a chance for a free bankroll on Fair Poker, i would take it.
Software: 3/10 – No actual software, but a webbased pokersite and lobby. It looks really tight and cool design, and it works easy eenough. Maybe because i am old, i miss real software.
Opponents: 9/10 – Bad, because you play one table, everybody wants to see a flop. Though task by the way to stay a tight player yourself. Not much all ins though, opponent want to flop and see if they have a winner.
Traffic: 1/10 – None, probably because it is a new platform, when i played there was one microstakes table running. Might improve over time though.
Bonuses/Loyalty: 7/10 – Good i guess, a free bankroll is always a great start to find out if a poker site is worth depositing and playing there. No other bonusses or threats available. But there is a 70% rake back on rake generated by affilaited player. But how can you get friends som ad they play high volume on a beginning site with no traffic?
Cashgames: 2/10 – 1 table running on 1ct/2ct, no other tables running. That must say it all.
Tournaments: 0/10 – No option to play tournaments at this moment, which is a shame. Sometimes small fielded tournaments with an overlay generate much more traffic and players then free bankrolls. Hopefully in the future.
Support: 7/10 – Can’t say, didn’t have to deal with Support. And no software, so only time you deal with them is during cash outs not being handled quick? I give them a 7 because my glass is always half full.
Transactions: 8/10 –No idea yet, still working my initial free bankroll to a level where i can cash out. But the free bankroll was handed over within 24 hours, thats really quick.
copyyy2k 23 September 2019
Good: I was probably one of the first people to claim 5$ no deposit bonus that Fair poker was offering over bankrollmob and it took a day because I didn't read that I have to join telegram and type my username in order to get it.
The day later I finally got it and started playing on the site which by the way has very attractive design and it's very simple to use.I had to wager 500btc in order to play on higher tables and then 1,000btc to withdraw my money which I somehow did and withdrew 30$ late at night and in the morning when I woke up money were on my BTC adress, so huge props for them.
Overall the site is really good but there is not a lot of active players because site is relatively new.
Bad: There is no touraments which is big minus and they should definetly add it, because every site needs it and it gets boring to play just cash games over and over again.
The cards are a little weird and I honestly had problem to understand is it heart or diamond sometimes and I actually lost once a pretty big stack because I didn't see it well.
Shiesty1ty 08 September 2019
At first when I signed up I got the $5 free NDB, and to accumulate 500 CGP before you can play any higher stakes over than 1/2 tables. But for the last few days(about 5or6) now there has been only two or three players on but they are on a 3/6 table but the site has had no traffic at all on 1/2 tables and only a couple tines when I’ve logged on to check and see if any ones playing 1/2,has there been ppl on the 3/6 and I’ve logged in over 50 times in the last 5-6 days, I’m only 98 points away from having no restrictions on my NDB money.... I wonder if there is going to be ppl playing on this site again, I bring know if this what’s will survive ........ I guess I can only hope,sit back back and wait and we the outcome of their fate!!!!!!!!!

But yes it’s pretty simple layout the site has , I found it pretty easy to navagate around and through the poker site. The things I don’t like about this are are....... 1) you can’t chat with other players 2) when I go to tap the call/raise ok fold button on my iPhone it sometimes doesn’t register the touch and I’ll have to sort of zoom in on my stern and press it that way!!!!! And finally sometime it lags and plays slow!!!!!!

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