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The GreySnow Poker Cup of Nations

This promotion is no longer active, as the expiration date is exceeded!

Throughout February, we're hosting a competition to bring together GreySnow Poker nations from around the globe. A low buy-in, month-long challenge will give everybody a chance to rep their homeland and aim for a big prize on March 1st.

The Cup of Nations Breakdown

How and when can I qualify?

Play our €1 buyin (+€2 rebuy and add-on) qualifiers throughout February to accumulate points. Each qualifier will be a mini tournament and your top 5 finishes throughout the month will count towards building your stack for the March 1st Final.

See the full schedule at the bottom of this page for qualifier times.

What do the qualifiers lead to?

On March 1st the final will award €1500 to individuals. But the big pot of gold focuses on teams: we're adding €1500 in prize money for the top 3 teams, made up of the top 3 players from their respective countries.

Only countries with at least 3 players participating will be eligible for the team competition, so get your poker playing buddies from your country involved and you have more chances to win! It's going to be a fun month!

See below for the prize breakdown.

How does the leader board work?

Every qualifier is a chance to accumulate points. Depending on the number of players, the points will vary for each qualifier. The point total from your top 5 finishes in qualifiers will determine your starting stack for the Final.

Qualifier Dates:

Feb 2: 15:00 ET
Feb 4: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 6: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 9: 15:00 ET
Feb 11: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 13: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 16: 15:00 ET
Feb 18: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 20: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 23: 15:00 ET
Feb 25: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Feb 27: 16:00 ET and 21:00 ET
Prizes for the Top 3 Nation Teams:

1st: €750
2nd: €450
3rd: €300

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How do I qualify for the Final?

A: Players who played at least 5 qualifiers will be registered for the final for free!

Do I have to play all the 20 qualifiers to have a chance?

A: No, you only need to play 5 of the qualifiers to qualify directly for the final in March. Due to final giving 5x the points of the qualifiers, every player has the chance to win the Leaderboard, even if you were placed last during the qualifier stage.

Can I win extra points?

A: Yes, you can! Each Rebuy will give you 10% of what the first place will win in points and each Addon 20%. Example: 100 players, first place will get 100 points, so each Rebuy is worth 10 points and the Addon 20. Only Rebuys and Addons done in your best 5 runs will count towards your points.

What is the Starting Stack and how will my accumulated points boost it?

A: The starting stack for the final will be 10k + 30x your points. Example: You have accumulated 300 points with your best 5 results and also did a couple of Rebuys and Addons worth 250, those 550 points translate into 15150 additional chips for the final. With starting blinds of 50 this will boost your stack from 200 to over 500 Big Blinds.

Will the final reward me and my Nation with Leaderboard points?

A: Of course! The final will actually give 5x points towards the individual and team Leaderboard! Example: winning a qualifier with 50 people will give you 50 points, winning the final with 50 people will give you - and your Nation - 250 points.

Someone else has exactly the same amount of points, who is going to win now?

A: The player with the better result in the final tournament.


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